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The secret to writing…

There’s no secret. I’m sorry. But I did get your attention, didn’t I?¬†That¬†is writing. Getting your readers to read you. And I am here to help you.

Are you ready to find out what your secrets are? Are you ready to write epic stories?


I’m so excited for this month!! Preptober might be one of my favorite months. For anyone who doesn’t know what Preptober is and where it came from, check this: NANOWRIMO is an international writing event that takes place during November. It stands for National Novel Writing Month. During November thousands of writers try to write …

Your writing space

I absolutely love checking out pretty desktops at Pinterest. I can literally spend hours scrolling through Pinterest and checking those organized, pretty and clean desks. They always seem so effortlessly organized. When I look at my own writing space, it’s a mess. Notes, pens, coffee and tea mugs, piles of paper, so much stuff cluttering …

The motive of villians

Villians, we love and hate them. Their criminal minds, horrible actions and creepy ways of being are fascinating to write. I love writing my antagonists and their point of views. I can really get the dark side of me to speak *creepy laugh*. Villians need to have a motive – why would they do the …


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